Manifestation of a Spider

artist Bonnie Zinanti A beautiful spider crossed my desk on New Year’s Eve. And while ‘beautiful’ is not the word typically used to describe a spider, this is the very quality that caught my attention and prompted me to examine further the essence of this experience.

I was in a deep state of peace and experiencing the exchange of warmth and love with some of my closest soul family members on a New Year’s Eve conference call when my attention was casually averted to some motion across the desk in front of me.

To my somewhat surprise there was this very healthy looking spider manifest in front of me. I was not so much alarmed as transfixed, and wondered where this perfect looking specimen of a spider could have come from on such a cold winter evening. I could sense that it was on a mission but it was also somewhat dismayed at its situation of having exposed itself to being observed by me and yet wanting to seek a hiding place. There was an air of purposefulness within the scant few moments of this experience.

My attention was soon re-focused on the comfort of beginning this new year with purpose and intention within the ever present now to be manifest in the coming year,– but the experience of the spider had become a sort of foretelling of its own.

During the next few days I began to assimilate the experience of the spider with knowing that indeed it had been a messenger. Nothing happens by coincidence and my inner knowing revealed the synchronicity of the eve of a new year and the appearance of a spirit animal.

There was yet however the primal programming of human consciousness to overcome which says that a spider is not friendly and could therefore not have a friendly message. So after banishing this bit of control consciousness within the human matrix, I quickly researched the meaning of a spider spirit animal and confirmed my inner higher consciousness.

And this is the message I received for my new year:

Remember to have patience
as you spin your most creative Goddess energy of which you are,
into the truth you have held and nurtured for humanity
and that has been awaited for eons

— risk being seen for all that you are,
and the kindness of spirit you have shown the spider
is also for you to reap

this is a year of manifestation,
be all that you came here to be…

Astrea - artist not known, please inform
and let this also be your year of being
all that you are to be

top artist: Bonnie Zinanti
bottom artist not known, please inform

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Expect A Most Amazing 2019

artist not known, please inform

This is the year – 2019
when illusion gives way to reality
when celestial lights will manifest
and you can live your ethereal dreams

sat nam

just be aware, wake-up,
trust and believe

Lunar Eclipse


artists not known, please inform


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Prism Clouds and Orbs - Prism Cloud

I caught a glimpse of a rainbow-like fragment in a fluffy white cloud, — only there had been no rain on this beautiful sunny day and the sky was bright blue. So I turned to look twice, but before I could take a second glance I caught glimpse of another such prism in another fluffy cloud, then another and another. Then suddenly I realized these were manifestations of New Earth all around me.

This is the unknown story hidden behind the ones popularly told in commercial news media, schools, and the myriad of 3-D institutions. The New Earth is already here behind the clutter, and you only need eyes to see and ears to hear.

While maintaining this awareness I was able to take a photo, knowing that these were temporary glimpses of a yet to become permanent elysium.

Then unexpectedly as this energy carried me even higher, my entire visual field became flooded with countless orbs floating around, displaying soft luminescent translucent hues of blues, magenta, and then greens – a panorama of another existence.

This joyful, heady experience lasted for about 20 minutes of linear time, but of course it remains in the ether of timelessness. I had been able to take a few photos of the prism clouds, however, the orbs mysteriously refused to be photographed. And they not only refused to be photographed, but the phone/camera battery which was near fully charged immediately depleted and the phone automatically re-booted.

Orbs which are spirit beings in their light bodies can be quite beautiful and have often shown themselves unexpectedly in my photos at times when i couldn’t see them with my eyesight. This is the first time I have perceived them visually but been unable to get a photo. I will allow this mystery of not getting a photo to be resolved when and as it may. And as for this Now, at least I have a photo of a prism cloud.

The above image of orbs is somewhat similar to what I perceived, though my experience was in bright day-light and far more sensual and heady than any photo could express – I do not know who to credit for this photo, please inform if you have this information.  And at least for those who have no concept of orbs it provides a somewhat similar visual though without the brilliance and minus the experience. 

The other two images of a prism cloud are mine.
I only wish the luminescence of light
and spirit of the experience
could be captured in these photos.

Sat Nam
Peace Be With You - Prism Cloud fragment

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Behind the Scenes

artist not known, please inform
Behind the scenes there is much about the business of
creating your own Reality, co-creating the New Earth

where there is no allowing the presence of
incessant mind-controlling news media,

this is where the power-over-others agenda is nullified
and the programming of a fear-based ‘reality’ is rejected,

here there is no acceptance of
victim-consciousness programming.

This is your space that you create
where you are the victor accepting your power over self
as you wake-up from the world of the unconscious

and become part of the awakening consciousness
going on behind the scenes.

artist not known, please inform

~~ you are the one you have been waiting for ~~

love, light,
shanti rose

artists not known, please inform

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Samhain Blessings

artist not known, please inform

For many this day is known as Halloween, yet throughout time prior to patriarchy, it has always been the Holy Day half-way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice that begins a week known as the start of the New Year and is celebrated as Samhain (my preferred pronunciation is “Sow-in”, as in “cow” and “in” or “een”),

This is a celebration of the kind of darkness that leads to light, and the kind of death that leads to birth in the spiral of creation. The veil is thin and a portal to the liminal realms will remain open during this week through the New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th.

The association of darkness with fear, black with evil, has been manufactured and programed into the human mind. From the view-point of Mother Nature and the dark Goddesses such as Kali, darkness is not about fear, but about clearing way for the renewal of life and light.

You may use this time to listen to your Truth, to nurture your inner-self, and to honor death as part of the cycle of ever-present and on-going life and renewal. Visit the realms of your unknown, your own fears — and bring the light of understanding to your darkness. Travel in this darkness and return fulfilled with life.

Invite the Goddesses of the dark, the Black Madonna (known by many names) into your life and enter into that creative space devoid of fear, and full of renewal.

You are the One, you have the power,
you co-create your reality with Source.
Create the story you want to live…

Samhain Blessings - artist not known, please inform

Cherie Rose

artists not known, please inform

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Breathing Colors of Light - artist - Frederic Edwin Church - Rainy Season in the Tropics

i would love to just sit on a mountain-top
and watch rainbows take over the world

while all density drops down the mountain-side
and dissipates as though it had never been

i would love to just sit on that mountain-top
feeling the morning dew settling ‘round me

and let the lightness of low-hung whispering clouds
send shivers of warmth through my being

while the rising sun stays low on horizon
offering just enough light to illumine
the panorama of these 7 rays,
breathing living colors of light…

Rainbow-Woman - artist,

and the story of it is, that

this thought, this vision
has been nagging me for days
nudging me to write it all down,
to deliver it

so this is my vision
i send into manifestation
to give it the freedom it requested

i share it and give it the truth that it needs
to take seed where ever it may,
to dissipate all density
with colors of light

so it is
and now it is so

Rainbow - across-the-sky-c2a9-2011-christopher-martin-2081

shanti rose

top image: artist, Frederic Edwin Church
middle image: artist,
bottom image: artist, christopher martin

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Thinly Veiled Secrets - Thinly Veiled Secrets

Behind the mists of autumn
Mother Nature’s thinly veiled secrets
reveal themselves

the Master Artist, the Magician,
the Nurturer, the Womb of Life,
the Harvester of Bounty,
the Keeper of Time

always in the spiral
of tranquil transition,
creation to sustenance
destruction to re-birth

thinly veiled secrets

shared with those who seek
to awaken the secrets within - tranquility

cherie shanti rose

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