Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine - InnerPathWisdom.com


the Divine Feminine

in us all


love shanti shanti


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Cliché of Truth

aratist: anneliesolis.com

So, it’s not always about profound realizations
though often these morning meditations are profound
but sometimes the experience is light
and profound though in a very subtle way

Sometimes the inner experience of the world you envision
is the most exquisite and you realize that you can be the light
that the world so much needs

So, when you don’t see that light in your everyday dealings
then you should bring your own light into the darkness

When you envision within yourself
the clear sparkling waters flowing through the natural landscape
untouched by harmful man-made chemicals and harsh treatment,
when you envision the animals free of fear of human mistreatment,
when you envision humans being free of
fear, doubt, guilt, anger, and separation from Source,

when you feel into all of these realities
and make them manifest,
then you become the truth you have been
passively (or in other cases aggressively)
waiting for

Wait no longer, the cliché stands – you be the light you have desired.
When you can see it within, you can become it without
and it may seem you carry this light alone,
– but like will find likeness
and this is the only way,

Bring your own light!

artist not known, please inform

cherie shanti rose

top image artist: annaliesolis.com
bottom image artist not known, please inform

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Planetary Journey

artist not known - please inform
In the storm before the quiet and the quiet before the storm
at this juncture for Mother Gaia, for Humanity,
approaching disclosure,
endings and beginnings,
the following came to be,
— so meet me

here where I AM surrounded by such beauty
that it is beyond breath-taking
as i have no need to breathe,
no need for breath
i am just being
t oneness with this magnificence

i had fallen asleep to awaken to this state of beingness
here among the many graceful globes of living essence,
variously colored orbs of light and energy
all moving through a space that is also a living presence
 and i am integrated with all of this beauty

i understand that these globes surrounding me
are planets of various sizes and colors
and i am a part of their existence

they speak to me with unspoken word
they touch me with sensations of knowingness
they invite me to remembrance of our togetherness
they are patient for my return to awareness

there is an unspoken grace and elegance
about their gentle movement
about their association with one another,
their way of each being unique
within the oneness of it all

and i know i am among them
within and around them
a unique being at oneness with them
and with the oneness of it all

so be it
and so it is


artist not known - please inform

images: artist not known – please inform

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Inner Path Wisdom - Illusion

Use Your Discernment to See
Behind the Reflection
Beyond the Illusion


Nothing is as it Seems
though Everything is As it Should Be


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Journey Beyond the Ordinary

artist not known

Relax with me for a moment.
Lean back and relax your muscles,
close your eyes to the outer
and open your eye to the inner.

Pause, breathe deeply, then let your breathing
slowly drift into nothingness,

—now listen to what I have to say
about where I AM …

On this grey misty morning I suddenly find myself
by a shore of water that is gently moving
in a swaying motion of peace and calm
yet vibrant with an energy.

Something is suspicious —
as I do not know how I came to be here
— there was no travel, no time, no space.
I just seemed to awaken from a dream
and into this scene of unexpected lightness.

There is an old wooden row boat,
old not ancient,
yet somehow it seems fresh and new,
virginal, unspoiled.

I know it is waiting for me
as I stand here on this shoreline.

The mist is now dense yet translucent,
and there is nothing visible beyond,
however from the distance a fusion of purple mist
is drifting into the grey
and bringing violet light
that is alive with refreshing energy.

I notice that the boat is made of worn wood
and is filled with flower blossoms
of many colors all mingled together.
It is waiting and gently swaying on the soft waves.

The front end of the boat is positioned
to face out onto the water
and I now notice
there is a gas lamp sitting on the bow.
This lamp spreads orange and red light
— it fills the boat with a glow
and I perceive a warmness.

The misty violet light is heavy
and carries a mildly sweet scent
that comes and goes in the gentle breeze.

I am somehow invited to be inside the boat
and I seem to float, ascend, and descend
into a very spacious yet snug space,
all the while feeling the presence
of love surrounding me.

I do not know if there is a destination of travel,
but so far it seems as if travel is instant
requiring no time or space.

It is enough to rest here on the water
in a very old boat in a mist of violet light.

And as I contemplate this,
a group of faeries slowly emerge
from within the blossoms.
They want to entertain me and just sit with me.
I am their guest.
They quietly chatter among themselves.
They dance on my lap with a lightness of step,
and whisper secrets in my ear.

I feel their energy lifting me into a lightness,
perhaps a mild giddiness,
a letting go of any burdens, any heaviness.

They show me a game
of how to make sparks of light
to flicker in the dense fog —
and each spark emits thrills of immense joy
that spreads through my beingness.
This is all manifest for my presence they tell me,
and I know I can come back any time
because this is of course my reality.

The boat continues to shift with the gentle waves
and sooths me into a lucid dream
of who/what I really am,
and I understand how all this comes to be —
the elementals, the light, the mist, the blossoms,
the boat, this game, and this being of my Self.

These dreams within a wakefulness
carry my beingness to a destination
without leaving the shore.

And though nothing is ever as it seems
all is as it should be.

artist not known

Sweet Dreams,
Sweet Reality,
herie Shanti Rose
 Listen to the Audio for this journey here …


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Fire & Ice

Fire and IceI

the transforming power of sun
the magic crystals of water
and one tiny orb

manifesting the beauty of winter


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Lioness Visions

Inner Path Wisdom - artist not knownOn this singular morning of this new year, the view behind the shades of outer worlds reveals formations of shadow and light creating an image of two pillars erected high against a night sky. And there in the foreground is a lioness sitting between the pillars with her gaze and body facing forward, holding guard, and eager to transmit this message:

The universe, multi-verse, the One-in-all is nudging humanity to step out of fear and into unity consciousness of peace and power from within, to stand firm as a force repelling the old paradigm of power over one-another.

artist - Amanda LinduppThe two pillars, the yin and yang – this is the year to unite these forces both within each individual and in global unity-consciousness.

As i enter deeper into this vision, stars appear in the night sky behind the two pillars and it is understood that the current energy is favorable for this union of moon and sun, and that the expansion of individual and global consciousness- of-unity is at hand.

The lioness stands guard and fortifies humanity’s action of stepping away from fear and into the new paradigm of balance, strength, and power from within.

Then finally this vision morphs into Mother Sekhmet who is so present at this time on earth and has messages for all who will hear… continue to Mother Sekhmet

Cherie Rose

 artist: sherri reeve - www.sreeve.com

artist: sherri reeve

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