Solstice at Newgrange

Join the Ancient Goddesses and Gods
for Solstice at Newgrange
and witness the re-birth of light

Marie Antoinette/Mashanya Allah-Ma

All Love

top image artist not known, please inform
bottom image: my own monogram

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Blessed Samhain 2022

Enjoy and Celebrate the energies of
Samhain & the Total Lunar Eclipse
November 7, 2022

from my journal “30 Days

Samhain Birthday link


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One Step at a Time

Listen to Your Inner Knowing

Take One Step at a Time …

Marie Antoinette =  Mashanya Allamah

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Passionate Courage

Celebrate the New Moon in Leo
July 28, 2022 – 1:54 EDT

Light the Passion in your Life
Know you have the Fire of Leo lighting your way
to all that your Heart and Soul desire …

Set your intentions – trust your Courage
Now set your plans into motion …


New Moon Blessings,
Marie Antoinette =  Mashanya Allamah

Images: artist not known, please inform
Bottom image: mine

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Where is the Collective Headed – New Moon Gemini – May 2022 – Eternal Tarot

We have now entered the New Moon phase in the constellation of Gemini, and we are also ending the powerful first eclipse season of 2022. So, you might expect a smoother sort of energy, and issues of communication to become more prominent as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.  Also, Mercury has been retro-grade since May 10, 2022 and will go direct on June 3, 2022.

Be prepared to find advantage in your ability to better facilitate communication through Mercury’s energetic influence. You are the master of your own creation and when you are aware of celestial/planetary energy you are then able to use this awareness and information in your creation of experiences.

Each planet/star is a living being with its own unique ‘personality’ which influences energy throughout its sphere of connections. Indeed, all beings (planetary, elemental, galactic/human, plant, animal…) are inter-connected and when one has a sense of awareness, all energetic influences can be used to consciously create experiences.

The New Moon energy provides a setting for creation of your intentions — it is a ‘time’ to set new intentions on the clean-slate provided by the energy of the New Moon.

Use this energy wisely as you set your intentions for the Gemini/Mercury ‘fresh canvas’ for conscious creation of your experiences for this moon phase, and then be prepared to reap the fruition of these intentions when the Full Moon arrives in two weeks!

You may write your intentions on a piece of paper or simply ruminate on them in your consciousness or perhaps keep a journal for each month’s New Moon intentions and examination of the resulting Full Moon harvest each month.

I asked Tarot to reveal a New Moon message regarding the Collective.  What intentions can we expect the Collective to set?

Use your own intuition to read this card and interpret what the Collective is feeling, and the resulting intentions the Collective has set during this New Moon phase.    Below are some possible interpretations:

– To see situations from a fresh/new perspective

– A need to reverse previous/current line of action

– The energy is set to begin a new way of doing things

– The feeling of being ‘strung-up’ – need to seek an outlet away from subversive energies and look for a new paradigm – a new way of ‘doing things’

– There is a feeling of being strapped and a need to be ‘set free’ from constraints

The above reading for the Collective will no doubt have an impact on your personal life because You are The Collective, and yet you are Your Own Master . Use this information wisely!   Always only take that which resonates with you and leave the rest. 

Much Love always,
Marie Antoinette =  Mashanya Allamah

Card Spread image and Monogram are my own
Top image artist not know, please inform
I’m using the “The Eternal Tarot” tarot deck
by Glorian Publishing,

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Your Truth Revealed – Beltane/Samhain 2022

As we complete our move through the portal of this Beltane/Samhain season, the Oracle brings you wisdom to carry with you to help unfold the next step on your path of awakening within.

In my recent post, As the Veils Thin …” 
I asked the Oracle to bring a message to the question:
“How can I use this Beltane/Samhain season to better express/be/live-in my Truth? — What do I need to know that will help me to better live in my Truth?”

The card you chose will have personal ‘meaning’ for you.
However, as you ponder your card here are some possible insights:

On the left is “Manifestation”
Perhaps it is time to recognize your powers of manifestation – begin using this ability more consciously
Know that your dreams and desires are your Truth waiting for you to manifest them into your perceived ‘reality’.  Recognize your hidden talents and abilities to create your own ‘story’.

In the middle is “Maypole”
Joy, dance, and celebration may be the keys to realizing your Truth.
Maybe more time spent at playful activities will help you to ‘lighten’ your approach to life and bring your Truth more into focus.

On the right is “Rowan”
You might find a certain security in spending more time in nature.
Make time for refuge from  daily activities – allow yourself a ‘place’ and ‘time’ to know your Truth.

You will no doubt feel a personal message in your chosen card.
Hold the images and feelings close to your heart as you follow your inner Truth.

Much Love,

Mashanya Allamah = Marie Antoinette

Card Spread image and Monogram are my own
Other images artists not know, please inform
I’m using the “Seasons of the Witch Beltane Oracle”
by Lorraine Anderson & Juliet Diaz

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As the Veils Thin – Seek Your Truth

During this Beltane/Samhain season, the veils are thinner – you can ‘see’ more, you can ‘sense’ more – your inner abilities are heightened – you ‘know’ more. You may psychically ‘see’ through the veils that keep humanity unaware, stifled and in a dark box. There is so much more than would appear to ordinary human knowingness. Use this special ‘time’ to see into your Truth – beyond the veils.

I asked the Oracle to answer this question for you:

“How can I use this Beltane/Samhain season to better express/be/live-in my Truth? — What do I need to know that will help me to better live in my Truth?”

Which card feels right for you – which one holds guidance to knowing your Truth?
Trust your intuition to choose a card for you.  The Reveal will be posted in a few days.

In the Northern Hemisphere the Beltane celebration marks the mid-point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice – it is the peak of spring and the beginning of summer. This is a time to interact with fairies and nature spirits – listen to them, feel their presence. It is also a time to celebrate fertility and  bon-fire rites.

While in the Southern Hemisphere the Samhain celebration marks the mid-point between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice when the veil is lifted between the Spirit Realm and the Human conscious realm.

Be Sure to return here in a few days for the Oracle Card Reveal.
Blessed Beltane, Blessed Samhain…

Blessed Be,
Mashanya Allamah = Marie Antoinette

Card Spread image and Monogram are my own
Other images artists not know, please inform
I’m using the “Seasons of the Witch Beltane Oracle”
by Lorraine Anderson & Juliet Diaz


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Am I Ascending? …

Humanity is indeed living through a very intense ‘time’ that has been long predicted by prophets throughout the ages.

The planet Earth is experiencing a major upgrade, as are You and all Earth Beings. This is an upgrade to higher consciousness, – from 3D to 5th Dimensional consciousness and beyond. For this to occur, all lower vibrational energies (for the individual and the collective) must be broken down and purged.

The entire galaxy and universe are also ascending. Creation is forever expanding, creation ever flows.

It is much easier and graceful to go along with the flow rather than to be in resistance. Lack of understanding, lack of resilience and/or lack of acceptance can make this experience less graceful and more difficult. Once one becomes aware and gains some understanding, the flow is easier and the resistance eases, then the acceptance becomes possible.

Earth is increasingly being bombarded by healing Source Light/Energy to facilitate the ascension upgrades. One way to visualize these Cosmic Events is to view some of the charts that measure/monitor the Solar Flares, the CMEs(Coronal Mass Ejections), and Solar Storms – all of which are projecting powerful energies to the Earth (charts and videos are available if you search for them on-line). It is your response to these incoming Energies that intensifies your personal indicators/symptoms.

What are some personal Indicators/Symptoms?
You can monitor the cosmic activity charts, but a more personal awareness is achieved by recognizing your own symptoms/indicators of the ascension/upgrade process. Each person’s experience is unique and you may experience many of these indicators or perhaps none or only a few.

You may begin to notice how your indicators correspond to the amount and type of Energy being blasted to the Earth. Indicators/symptoms may be more intense during magnetic storms or CMEs, or during certain astrological configurations – all of which are becoming more and more constant and intense as the process proceeds.

You are unique so honor your own experience and try not to compare yourself to others and try not to have expectations. All experience or lack of conscious experience is valid. Also realize that you may have been experiencing some of these indicators and have not been aware of the cause. Listen to your inner-knowing and relax.

Below is a list of a few common Indicators/Symptoms:
Change in sleep patterns – lack of sleep or unusual need for more sleep
Hot and/or cold flashes throughout the body
Body aches, headaches
Tooth, mouth, jaw pain
Mood changes/anxiety/depression
Dizzy spells, feeling ungrounded
Foggy mind, you lose ability to ‘think’/remember/process information (your mind goes ‘off-line’  to allow inner awakening)
Foggy eyesight
Ringing in the ears
Hair loss
Nose bleeds
Feeling exhausted
Feeling ‘high/buzzed’
Heart palpitations
Tingly sensations in parts of the body
Numbness in the face
Temporary muted hearing ability/blocked ears/pressure in ear(s)
Sinus problems
Unusual skin conditions
Digestive issues, appetite changes, bloating

These are only a few of the indicators – the list seems endless. This is a major process as your body is changing from a carbon-based vehicle to a crystalline base, so these are huge upgrades to all of your bodily systems and to your DNA.

Interestingly, many of these symptoms are common for women with PMS, or during pregnancy or menopause. After all, you are birthing a new You and a new Planet.
Embrace the experience and live in gratitude and Love.

Following is a list of some ways you can ease these symptoms, — learn to go with the flow, and embrace your experience.

What Can I do?
* Listen to your inner guidance
Drink plenty of pure water – no fluoride (note: fluoride calcifies the pineal-gland/3rd-eye)
* Epsom salt soaks and/or foot baths
* Spend time in Nature, walk barefoot on the earth
Stay away from lower vibration 3D experience as much as possible.
Main-stream Media (MSM), and most TV programs are full of low vibrations and
mind control programming.   Remember the goal is to ascend to higher frequencies of 5D.
Get plenty of rest – your masculine aspect plays a role of outer activity,
take some time to be in touch with your feminine side for relaxation/inner-activity.
Find balance in your life.
Crystals can be beneficial – keep crystals on your body and/or in your energy field
-choose  your favorites, maybe clear quartz, rose quartz, or amethyst
Stay in the Heart as much as possible and less in the Head.
Value yourself and your experience
* Appreciate that you (at a Soul level) chose to be on Earth at this ‘time’ for this transition.

And Remember,
Nothing is as It Seems … yet Everything is as It Should Be

All Love,

Images: artists not known, please inform

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Temple of Love – Versailles

Sacred Space – Marie Antoinette
Temple of Love

For those who are weary, uncertain, confused, on-edge,
as 3-D Earth deconstructs/crumbles in chaos,
– corrupted political/social/economic systems falling …

please know that
There is a Divine Plan…

where there is
Compassion, Peace,
Love and Divine Grace,

your sovereignty reigns eternally
and darkness dare not tread.

Love soothes all,

Know your Truth,
Soothe your Soul,

Visit my sacred space at Temple of Love, Versailles
for a video visit,
Click on the Temple of Love image above
or click on my Rose here below …


Marie Antoinette/Mashanya Allamah

Top image: photographer not known, please inform
Rose image: detail from E.V. Le Brun painting of Marie Antoinette
Bottom image: MA Monogram is mine

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2 22 22 Portal … next step

2 22 22
A Palindrome Day with Master Number 22
Reap the benefits of this Portal.

Continue to embrace these portals, the upgrades to your DNA, the rising New Dawn …
as New Earth continues to birth even as the old matrix continues to crumble.

Let go of the past, heal the old wounds, rise with the New Earth…
Re-awaken and find your way back to conscious connection
your home with Prime Creator

The ‘time’ is Now
You were born for this!


Marie Antoinette/Mashanya Allamah

Images: artists not known, please inform
Bottom image: MA Monogram is mine

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