Violet and Rose

CherieShanti - Violet and Rose

Violet Candle & Rose Quartz

something to ease your day
(even if it’s already easy)

Indulge in  the  Spiritual  Energy
of  the color Violet

Embrace the Love Energy of
Rose Quartz  as this crystal
vibrates with your Heart Chakra

all love & light

in this New World
where you create your own Reality


CherieShanti - Love Dove


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CherieShanti - Manifestations

With all the warmth and beauty of
candlelight and roses
infuse 2017 with vibrations
of  peace and wisdom

Words carry vibrations of manifestation
Positive words carry positive vibrations

vibrate into manifestation
words of wisdom


Manifest your reality for 2017

be mindful of your thoughts
your words
your power

CherieShanti - Dove


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Winter Solstice Love

CherieShanti - Winter Solstice Love

Winter Solstice
December 21, 2016
10:44 UTC, 5:44 a.m. EST

Winter Solstice is my favorite time during this magical season
when our planet earth is closest to the Divine
and special vibrations of Love and Peace fill the atmosphere.

This one day manifests the foundation upon which
spiritual traditions celebrate and embrace
the heavenly energies of the season.

i chose the above photo from a recent morning
when the energy of the Divine seemed especially present.

This subtle presence is most soothing
and reminds us to share our love and peace with our earthly family.

This year in particular join your earth family around the globe
in prayer and meditation (if only for a few minutes)
with the specific intent to merge your energy
with the peace and harmony needed  to sustain us all.


There are many ways to actively share your gifts of love and caring with the world.
One such mission came to my attention recently.
Click on the link below to learn more about this mission of love,
and consider how you can help
to make this possibility
a reality.

#LoveArmy link here


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The Masterful Game (part III)

CherieShanti - The Masterful Game - part III

this Masterful Plan
played out as it would
and my gratitude knows no bounds

for a Game will played
with stakes so high
is a gift the most profound


                                   …. for infinite Wisdom & Love


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The Masterful Game – part II

CherieShanti - The Masterful Game - part II

though the path was clear
so close, so near

i still wouldn’t accept, see, or hear
the obvious synchronicities

the signs, the voice
the extended hand
that so eloquently called to me

imposed by rules,
no bounds over-stepped
it was my turn to make a move

and by a leap of trust
and a knowingness
i landed in the sweetest groove


                                     to be continued ….

The sketch shown above is a “work-in-progress”
and very much exemplifies the essence of
one who is working toward a goal
and must trust their “inner knowing”
to finally take a leap to step into
the greater work that lies ahead.



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The Masterful Game (part I)

CherieShanti - the Masterful Game (part I)

i knew not where to turn
the familiar had vanished away
closed the door
lost the key
to what was not
what it had seemed to be

behind the door
was just a part of the plan
that had served its purpose well
but when the game was done
i just stood bereft
not knowing which way to turn

                                                                                              to be continued …


life is full of changes, but when profound changes come by surprise, we must measure our fate carefully …



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CherieShanti - Lone Pine

fortified by the breeze
enlivened by the flow

consuming the light

receiving the Love
reciprocating in like

never lonely

just a spark of the Flame
alone in the mist

and all is as it should be

~ ~ ~

I love morning walks during l’heure bleue when the atmosphere is uncluttered.

Foggy mornings have the extra appeal of enveloping one in a cloud of separateness within it all – a way of being alone, being with oneself in concert with all of Her. Smothering and hovering, yet at once both close and free.

So when I spotted this Pine while on such a walk, there was an immediate connection in Spirit…. embracing the feeling of being alone but by no means lonely while surrounded by vaporous, diaphanous nothingness yet being one with the essence of it all.


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