Visiting Reality

Source unknown

This morning I found myself traveling to a place I know well,
though it actually came to me rather than that I went to it.
Well, — it really is always here with me,
a place I’ve told you about before.
So it is simply that I consciously
received its grace this morning.

There was purple with aqua
and deep rich pink with subtle golden yellow
all swirling together like marbleized  paper
only it was alive and radiating light with tangible energy
— all just swirling around me, dancing in the atmosphere.

My crystal bench was still there waiting for me,
glinting sparks of light from within itself
and from the surrounding atmosphere.

The landscape was rich and fertile
with specks of gold growing here and there.
Precious metal gold in various states of soft solid
and streams of liquid consistency
everywhere seeming to multiply
as I watched with quiet pleasure,
feeling one with the spirit entity of this treasure.

Light rays softly illuminated the sky,
streaming down onto and into the landscape,
infusing peace on all they reached.
Here in the light rays there also were
specks of gold – just floating like drops of dew.

Not far away there was a small bonfire
surrounded by humans from all parts of the earth,
young, old, those who once perceived themselves as victim,
those who always knew they were victors,
the once down-trodden,
those who had always known they were uplifted,
the grey, the purple, the green ones
all together – all holding hands
as they seemed to be generating an audible hum
resonating energy of tangible Love.

They were just standing there
with their faces turned upward toward the heavens,
receiving and giving the gift of Love.

All of this took place while I sat cross-legged
on my crystal bench,
reflecting on the presence of heaven
on this landscape of planet earth.

This is not a dream.
This is the reality
hidden in the consciousness of each human.

And for those who dare to perceive it
they will receive it.

And they will be the ones
to build the force and momentum
to help others to visit this place
that is the home for all who
can ride the waves of imagination
into reality.

source unknown

All the forces of Heaven truly await you
as the veil between the worlds
has become more transparent
during these times.
Learn more at Inner Path Wisdom

Archangel Michael


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Chaos and Ascension

Cherie Rose - Chaos and Ascension

Autumnal Equinox, Northern  Hemisphere
Friday, September 22, 2017
20:02 UTC

This Autumn Equinox carries with it
many energies of transformation
helping Mother Gaia, humanity
and all of earth’s inhabitants
to further progress
toward their ascension.

The current upheaval in politics, human relations,
the chaos of weather storms,  the uncertainty,
the fear and unrest
will give way to the Golden Age.

No thing worth so much
comes without struggle.

Just know that all is as it should
and nothing is as it seems.

You be the light in the darkness
and grasp the promise of New Earth.

Cherie Rose - Inner Path Wisdom

To know more about ascension, New Earth, and the Golden Age
visit my new space Inner Path Wisdom.

Archangel Michael

You be the light!


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Ancient Wisdom Chronicles

Ancient Wisdom Chronicles
the Beginning

So where does this story begin? Well that depends … it depends on where you want to start. At the origin? or at the point when i become aware? We can look at the origin which is no doubt beyond … Continue reading →

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Heart & Tears

IMG_4387& it is so

and so it is tears in a box that’s where they will stay as I unwrap my heart  … Continue reading →

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Embrace the Energies

Cherie Rose - Embrace the Energies
while the world is about such business these days
schedule some time to hear your inner voice
and embrace the energies
that truly sustain you

there is a collective consciousness
that has risen above the noise of distraction

you are a part of that consciousness

embrace your quiet time

you are in the world
but you are of the New Earth


Visit my new space at Inner Path Wisdom
where you will find a variety of topics
relevant to our global times.
Follow along as I chronicle my own journey
from the past of long ago
to where it leads me in this lifetime
and my soul mission.

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Big Love

You are Loved!


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Crystals and Starlight

the Inner Path

Energy and Magic are all around us
you just need to be open and aware

There will always be
crystals, candlelight, and starlight

Since ancient times,
the weeks from early July through August 11
have been known as Dog Days
in reference to the star Sirius
as it rises and sets
with the Earth’s Sun for these few weeks.

Sirius is know as the Dog Star
for its appearance in the constellation
Canis Major which resembles the shape of a dog.

So enjoy the hot, sultry days
but also enjoy the Energy and the Magic
of crystals, candlelight, and the star Sirius

Sirius - CYKy28kWAAEGAot


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