Samhain Blessings

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For many this day is known as Halloween, yet throughout time prior to patriarchy, it has always been the Holy Day half-way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice that begins a week known as the start of the New Year and is celebrated as Samhain (my preferred pronunciation is “Sow-in”, as in “cow” and “in” or “een”),

This is a celebration of the kind of darkness that leads to light, and the kind of death that leads to birth in the spiral of creation. The veil is thin and a portal to the liminal realms will remain open during this week through the New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th.

The association of darkness with fear, black with evil, has been manufactured and programed into the human mind. From the view-point of Mother Nature and the dark Goddesses such as Kali, darkness is not about fear, but about clearing way for the renewal of life and light.

You may use this time to listen to your Truth, to nurture your inner-self, and to honor death as part of the cycle of ever-present and on-going life and renewal. Visit the realms of your unknown, your own fears — and bring the light of understanding to your darkness. Travel in this darkness and return fulfilled with life.

Invite the Goddesses of the dark, the Black Madonna (known by many names) into your life and enter into that creative space devoid of fear, and full of renewal.

You are the One, you have the power,
you co-create your reality with Source.
Create the story you want to live…

Samhain Blessings - artist not known, please inform

Cherie Rose

artists not known, please inform

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Breathing Colors of Light - artist - Frederic Edwin Church - Rainy Season in the Tropics

i would love to just sit on a mountain-top
and watch rainbows take over the world

while all density drops down the mountain-side
and dissipates as though it had never been

i would love to just sit on that mountain-top
feeling the morning dew settling ‘round me

and let the lightness of low-hung whispering clouds
send shivers of warmth through my being

while the rising sun stays low on horizon
offering just enough light to illumine
the panorama of these 7 rays,
breathing living colors of light…

Rainbow-Woman - artist,

and the story of it is, that

this thought, this vision
has been nagging me for days
nudging me to write it all down,
to deliver it

so this is my vision
i send into manifestation
to give it the freedom it requested

i share it and give it the truth that it needs
to take seed where ever it may,
to dissipate all density
with colors of light

so it is
and now it is so

Rainbow - across-the-sky-c2a9-2011-christopher-martin-2081

shanti rose

top image: artist, Frederic Edwin Church
middle image: artist,
bottom image: artist, christopher martin

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Thinly Veiled Secrets - Thinly Veiled Secrets

Behind the mists of autumn
Mother Nature’s thinly veiled secrets
reveal themselves

the Master Artist, the Magician,
the Nurturer, the Womb of Life,
the Harvester of Bounty,
the Keeper of Time

always in the spiral
of tranquil transition,
creation to sustenance
destruction to re-birth

thinly veiled secrets

shared with those who seek
to awaken the secrets within - tranquility

cherie shanti rose

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the Rise of Feminine Energy

goddess - artist not known, plese inform
I have pondered for some time how best to approach this topic, “The Rise of Feminine Energy”. There is much background to this story, much her/his-story leading to our current point in evolution on planet earth.  I want this to not appear to be so complicated.  I want to simplify a complex topic yet i must show the complexity in order to reach the simplicity of how the Feminine Aspect of Creation has been so thoroughly hidden yet is so immensely critical to who we are today and what we must become.

The return of goddess consciousness has begun and is being played-out across the globe. Yet how often have you stopped your personal pursuit of survival, comfort, and your personal quest for completeness, in order to ponder why this rise of the female aspect is becoming so prominent and why it is happening at this point in time? You certainly have been aware of the centuries of suppression of women around the globe. So what has finally sparked a move toward change? What is the basis and origin for this moment in human herstory?

The answer will not be found in the consumer media or popular books, and certainly not in main-stream religious, political, or social groups. The answer is intentionally hidden in the obscure story of the evolution of the inhabitants on Mother Gaia, in her-story, and in the history you were never taught in main-stream life. Though this is a brief introduction to a complex topic, you will come to more understanding as you continue your own journey in evolution.

God and Goddess are One. Your essence from Prime Creator combines both of these energies yet —> continue here for full post



nothing is as it seems
yet everything is as it should be,
Cherie Shanti Rose

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The Truth

artist not known - please inform

There is a cliché,
The Truth Will Set You Free

… well be prepared

September is the beginning of fall,
and for this year of 2018
maybe September (or soon after)
might also begin the fall/ending of many deceptions
and the beginning of many truths

currency re-set
the real Vatican
Trump’s real mission
and so much more

setting into motion a release of energy
to restore and rebuild belief, trust, healing

because nothing is as it seems
yet everything is as it should be

— and as the cliché foretells,
The Truth Will Set You Free

so be prepared for freedom,
the Event, ascension
and 5D Gaia

all Love & Light

artist not known - please inform

cherie rose

artists not known, please inform

for more on ascension, the Event, 5D Gaia

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Your Shadow Side

Cherie Shanti Rose - Your Shadow Side

Light & Shadow,
one cannot exist without the other

contrast is that which makes visible
this text you are reading

know your shadow side
and shine your light

all Love

Cherie Shanti Rose

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Pondering Fire & Re-birth - artist not known, please inform
While Planet Earth is in the process of clearing, cleansing, and making room for birth of New Earth, the spectacle of destructive forces in volcanoes, fire, and other cataclysms can be intimidating to some. Yet be assured, — nothing is as it seems and all is as it should be.

This all brings to mind the process that individuals must experience as a part of clearing and cleansing that is necessary to make room for progress and re-birth in their own lives. And though hopefully the personal experience is less dramatic, it is no less important.

Some very public past lives i have had during some extremely critical times in earth’s history bring the following thoughts to mind as earth and humanity are in this process of re-balancing:

For all those places and times on earth where darkness stood,
there has always been a spark of Light
– and it will return to kindle the flame of Love.

Though unknown to those who harbor darkness,
the Light is always just before their sight though they see it not.
— and the Light always wins.

There is no need for memorials
to sustain the energy of those times
– find instead, the positive energy that was always there,
learn to know this energy, celebrate that Light and Its victory.

Ignite the sparks that dwelt even during the dark.
It’s okay to remember,
but dwell if you must
on the transformative power of the Light …

No doubt the coming birth of Light where destruction now stands will be a catalyst to individuals and to the collective as they find that spark in their own lives to cast anew a flame of planetary Love. - artist not known, please inform

all Love, all Light
Shanti Rose

images: artists not known, please inform

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