Autumn Sun & Orb

dawn of the days gone by and those yet to come
stored on the pages in the playbook of time

awakening the drowsy
touching the empath

the story goes on
in form and beyond


all images are mine

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Samhain Magic

the Original Halloween

At this liminal time,
when the boundary/veil between
the manifest world and the Spirit world
is most thin…

take advantage of the magic of Samhain/Halloween
and invite your personal Spirit Guides
to share their wisdom with you…

Much Love
& Spirit Blessings

Images: artists not known, please inform

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Mabon Blessings

Saturday, September 21, 2019 through
Monday, September 23, 2019

Amidst the everyday chatter
there is a space of quiet & calm,
and an appreciation of the abundance
that we celebrate during Mabon.

This time is also known as the Equinox,
the time of balance, or the 2nd Harvest.

Celebrate & reap that which you have sown
and appreciate the abundance
of your harvest.

aum shanti shanti

images: artists not known please inform

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Day Out-of-Time

Welcoming the New Cosmic Year

Yesterday was the Day-Out-of-Time,
as understood by the Mayan and Galactic systems
allowing a breath and a pause
and today is the beginning of the
New Galactic Year.

Time to re-set your intentions
and manifest your reality anew…

within the Sacred Geometry of it all

~ and so it is~

all images are my own

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Luminescent Presence

Solstice Full Moon
June 17, 2019 Full Moon
June 21, 2019 Solstice @ 15:54 UTC

Lighting the way to New Earth …

Tune into this auspicious energy,

Leave behind the chaos of matrix programming,
Leave the cultural programming behind,

The answers will not be found
in current institutions …

The Future of the Now is bright
but it is not where many have been looking…

There is New Energy from our Moon cycles,
the Solstice, the coming Eclipses,
the Galactic, Central, and Universal Suns

Wake Up!

artist not known, please inform

top image I took during the Wesak Moon last month
bottom image artist not known, please inform
for more information about New Earth visit

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Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth - artist not known, please inform

I visited Hollow Earth last night
and a part of me still remains
where the sun softly glows in a radiance
of eternal ephemeral light

and the air shimmers and shifts in space
as it casts a spell of new-birth awareness
throughout this ever-renewing place.

The water is living liquid, it’s essence is crystal light
spraying elixir mists from colorful mythical fountains
bestowing eternal youth and chiming musical notes
of etheric charm, elements of purity,
in the classical sense of beauty.

There are vast libraries of eternal knowledge
inscribed in crystal pillar-like scrolls,
prototypes for surface-earth ancient buildings.

But here in Hollow Earth you know
these crystal pillar columns are alive
transferring hints of ancient wisdom
to those with ears to hear
and hearts able to transcribe.

Yet it’s more than what you see or hear
it’s what you feel and know —
it’s the expansiveness, the heartbeat of love,
the strength of a fragile touch.

So it would seem this is a place far away
where elves go to spend a leisurely day

but the truth of it is
that if you go within and beyond your mind
you will find this place of enchantment
where the fairies roam and the elementals play
in Hollow Earth of eternal youth and fanciful mystical ways.


voice recording of Hollow Earth here —–>


visit the following link for a posting on
how destruction of the spire on Notre Dame de Paris
relates to Easter:

Resurrection: Notre Dame de Paris

Resurrection: Our Lady of Paris

Easter Blessings!


images – artists not known,
please inform

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Quiet Affair

artist Elizabeth Mozyro

This isn’t the first time I’ve sat here alone

or seemingly so it is

Spinning & Weaving the darkness to Light

dreaming, believing, knowing, receiving
the myths that are real as the stories
I am told in the night

My breath is abate and soft tears sit in wait
“Game Over” they say
your next step this way

they just sit there prepared…
for they know it’s a quiet affair

And the stars know our secrets
from afar yet so near,
as the myths that are told
and the stories they hear

Yet still I await with my breath abate
and the tears won’t trickle

they just sit
quietly weaving the darkness to Light
with the stars on this mythical night.

artist Charlie-Bowater

Aum Shanti,
Chere Elysia

please visit and support:
top image: artist Elizabeth Mozyro
bottom image: artist Charlie-Bowater

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