Anahata Nada
Perfect chord of unstruck sound
never ending, no beginning
woven in the background
of the playground of the Gods…

Anahata Nada, the sound of silence, is perceived not with physical ears but with a finely tuned inner perception which is known by many names such as music-of-the-spheres, the unstruck sound, the sound of silence, and the sound of the universe. It is a great comforter and buffer for those who perceive it. This soothing vibratory sound pervading all of creation has been described as “the buzzing of a beehive, “the roaring of the ocean”, “angelic music”, “a serene buzzing”, or “a humming within”.

It is said that one is able to perceive this sound (nada) when one’s consciousness has reached the Heart Chakra (anahata).  As the yogi’s consciousness advances through the chakras, a particular inner sound is perceived at each chakra. The specific sound associated with the Heart Chakra is that of a bell.

The painting pictured above is from my series of Shanti paintings which explore inner peace (shanti). Each painting in the series includes objects such as a conch shell, a bell, candles, and light, which represent various aspects of the experience of inner peace.

CherieShanti Studio


About Cherie Shanti Rose - Inner Path Wisdom

Leave the chaos of the world behind and prepare for the Golden Age of Gaia. Join me on this journey and maybe you will find something to inspire you on your own Inner Path to Wisdom.
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