Think About This

Think About This - Cherie Rose

Where will you be and what will you do when
the chaos of the world slips away

and the world you knew that once was so dense
fills with joy and is no longer grey

a rainbow appears in the atmosphere
silently bridging this world and that

benevolent beings from all the planets
join the great beings of Light
they are here to assist and to celebrate with you
in your new found freedom from plight

old paradigms dissolve
as power-within replaces
wanting power-over others

and economic systems that once ruled your life
give way to abundance for all

now replicators have become reality
and safe new energy sources are free

as this is New Earth
Mother Gaia rejoices

so just Think about This
and know what you will do
when the chaos of the world slips away

Cherie Rose - Dove



About Cherie - the Inner Path

In the solitude of the Inner Path our thoughts become quieter, more refined; and as they begin to recede and cease, --- the real work begins.....
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