Manifestation of a Spider

artist Bonnie Zinanti A beautiful spider crossed my desk on New Year’s Eve. And while ‘beautiful’ is not the word typically used to describe a spider, this is the very quality that caught my attention and prompted me to examine further the essence of this experience.

I was in a deep state of peace and experiencing the exchange of warmth and love with some of my closest soul family members on a New Year’s Eve conference call when my attention was casually averted to some motion across the desk in front of me.

To my somewhat surprise there was this very healthy looking spider manifest in front of me. I was not so much alarmed as transfixed, and wondered where this perfect looking specimen of a spider could have come from on such a cold winter evening. I could sense that it was on a mission but it was also somewhat dismayed at its situation of having exposed itself to being observed by me and yet wanting to seek a hiding place. There was an air of purposefulness within the scant few moments of this experience.

My attention was soon re-focused on the comfort of beginning this new year with purpose and intention within the ever present now to be manifest in the coming year,– but the experience of the spider had become a sort of foretelling of its own.

During the next few days I began to assimilate the experience of the spider with knowing that indeed it had been a messenger. Nothing happens by coincidence and my inner knowing revealed the synchronicity of the eve of a new year and the appearance of a spirit animal.

There was yet however the primal programming of human consciousness to overcome which says that a spider is not friendly and could therefore not have a friendly message. So after banishing this bit of control consciousness within the human matrix, I quickly researched the meaning of a spider spirit animal and confirmed my inner higher consciousness.

And this is the message I received for my new year:

Remember to have patience
as you spin your most creative Goddess energy of which you are,
into the truth you have held and nurtured for humanity
and that has been awaited for eons

— risk being seen for all that you are,
and the kindness of spirit you have shown the spider
is also for you to reap

this is a year of manifestation,
be all that you came here to be…

Astrea - artist not known, please inform
and let this also be your year of being
all that you are to be

top artist: Bonnie Zinanti
bottom artist not known, please inform

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