Alchemy of the Rose

detail - Marie Antoinette a la Rose by Elizabeth Vigee LeBrun
The rose carries an aura of mysticism,
and is often shown in traditional paintings
as symbolic of the Goddess and mystical union.

It is little known that the pattern of the
materialized rose flower found in nature
is created by Source in accordance with
the sacred geometry
of the orbit of Venus with the Earth,
and is called the Rose of Venus pattern.

Path of Venus - artist not known, please inform

 For a video of the orbit of Venus forming the
Venus of Rose pattern shown above
you may visit
this link.

This Valentine’s Day
enjoy the romance and alchemy
of the Mystical Rose.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The top image is a detail from the painting
Marie Antoinette a la Rose
by artist Elizabeth Vigee LeBrun, 1783.

The other two images are of the astronomical
Rose Pattern of Venus
artists not known, please inform.

Rose of Venus

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