Quiet Affair

artist Elizabeth Mozyro

This isn’t the first time I’ve sat here alone

or seemingly so it is

Spinning & Weaving the darkness to Light

dreaming, believing, knowing, receiving
the myths that are real as the stories
I am told in the night

My breath is abate and soft tears sit in wait
“Game Over” they say
your next step this way

they just sit there prepared…
for they know it’s a quiet affair

And the stars know our secrets
from afar yet so near,
as the myths that are told
and the stories they hear

Yet still I await with my breath abate
and the tears won’t trickle

they just sit
quietly weaving the darkness to Light
with the stars on this mythical night.

artist Charlie-Bowater

Aum Shanti,
Chere Elysia

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top image: artist Elizabeth Mozyro
bottom image: artist Charlie-Bowater

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