Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth - artist not known, please inform

I visited Hollow Earth last night
and a part of me still remains
where the sun softly glows in a radiance
of eternal ephemeral light

and the air shimmers and shifts in space
as it casts a spell of new-birth awareness
throughout this ever-renewing place.

The water is living liquid, it’s essence is crystal light
spraying elixir mists from colorful mythical fountains
bestowing eternal youth and chiming musical notes
of etheric charm, elements of purity,
in the classical sense of beauty.

There are vast libraries of eternal knowledge
inscribed in crystal pillar-like scrolls,
prototypes for surface-earth ancient buildings.

But here in Hollow Earth you know
these crystal pillar columns are alive
transferring hints of ancient wisdom
to those with ears to hear
and hearts able to transcribe.

Yet it’s more than what you see or hear
it’s what you feel and know —
it’s the expansiveness, the heartbeat of love,
the strength of a fragile touch.

So it would seem this is a place far away
where elves go to spend a leisurely day

but the truth of it is
that if you go within and beyond your mind
you will find this place of enchantment
where the fairies roam and the elementals play
in Hollow Earth of eternal youth and fanciful mystical ways.


voice recording of Hollow Earth here —–>


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