Lion’s Gate Portal

The Portal of Lion’s Gate this year
facilitates the further re-opening of Sacred Energy Sites,
Earth’s lay-lines and dormant Star-gate Portals
allowing humanities’ consciousness
to rise beyond the 3-D matrix.

This opens great possibilities ahead
for those who choose to take the higher path and
leave the chaos behind.

This is the cusp of the Golden Age.

Cultivate your skills of discernment
and study the alternate view on all issues.
The truth is hidden in plain sight…

Activate your consciousness to the
higher levels that are now available on Earth
as She re-connects to Ancient Wisdom and possibilities.

Inner Path Wisdom

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About Mashanya Allah-Ma ~ Inner Path Wisdom

Leave the chaos of the world behind and prepare for the Golden Age of Gaia. Join me on this journey and maybe you will find something to inspire you on your own Inner Path to Wisdom.
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