Samhain Reveal – Entering the 11:11 Gateway

As we move through the Samhain Portal and enter the 11:11 Gateway on Thursday, 11.11.2021, we may carry with us the blessings gathered during this liminal ‘time’ of Samhain.

The card you chose (from my 11/6/21 post) might offer guidance as you move further on your path of self-awareness, mastery, and wisdom.

The cards are revealed below.

Simply breath deeply into your heart and contemplate the image and words on your chosen card. The personal meaning for you will become clear as you let go of old belief patterns and open up to the new opportunities awaiting you.

I offer the following possible ‘meanings’ for each card, but you must feel deep inside yourself to determine your personal understanding — which might be quite different than for anyone else – dig deep within your personal ‘meaning’ and see where this leads you. Each thought can possibly lead to a deeper underlying thought/understanding — deeper and deeper…

“Silence” — You might feel a sense of being alone, or perhaps you might feel a need to speak-up more in your life. You might get a sense of independence or a need for more contemplation in your life.

“The Underworld” — Maybe you need to ‘go to’ those places you have never explored, maybe there is some ‘hidden’ part of yourself that it is now time to discover, or maybe you are being called to relax and confidently go to where the Moon consciousness guides you.

“Seduction” — The heady lightness of ‘seduction’ might lead you to become more playful, try to dance a bit more through life, allow yourself more freedom and joy to just be yourself, prance and feel your inner joy.

Sharing Blessings as we enter the 11:11 Gateway,
Much Love,

Top and Bottom images – artists not known, please inform
Middle image is mine -I’m using “Seasons of the Witch” Oracle Deck
The 3 crystals are Andaras, and the skull is Agate Druzy

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