Ancient Way of Being


Wordsmith She was.
Tossing a word in the air to watch it sparkle and then set aflame.
Stringing words together in a web of magnificence
while playing this Cosmic game.

But She also knew the Ancient way of Magic
and that words have their own limitations.

She knew that One must connect from the Heart
as in the Ancient Way of Being.

She also knows that the ‘time’ will return
when there is no need for words—-
those words that often mislead,
mis-connect, mis-represent,
ften misunderstood…..

But till then She will work Her magic with words,
while awaiting the re-awakening.

The ‘time’ will come when She will spread Her Wisdom
by way of the awakened Heart and Higher Senses
— the Ancient Way of Being.

Magician She is.
Tossing words in the air
creating telepathic sparkles and flame.
Foretelling the Truth that the Heart holds the key
to this Ancient Cosmic Game.


Marie Antoinette/Mashanya Allamah

Inner Path Wisdom
Ancient Wisdom Chronicles

top image: artist not known, please inform
middle image: artist
bottom image: monogram  – MA

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