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Goddess Warrior

International Women’s Day Lighting the Way compassion, inner power, strength, courage, Goddess coded energy on a mission, lighting the way in the dark   image artist not known, please inform

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Samhain Blessings

For many this day is known as Halloween, yet throughout time prior to patriarchy, it has always been the Holy Day half-way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice that begins a week known as the start of the New Year … Continue reading

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The Truth

There is a cliché, The Truth Will Set You Free … well be prepared September is the beginning of fall, and for this year of 2018 maybe September (or soon after) might also begin the fall/ending of many deceptions and … Continue reading

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Divine Goddess Day – Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is a very powerful day of Divine Feminine Energy, and prior to patriarchal times it was recognized as a day for celebrating the goddess continue reading —> artist: susan seddon boulet

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Unwrapping the Heart – Marie-Antoinette

Sometimes we think we know a person. We often believe what we hear. But if we look into our hearts we can connect with the universe on a deeper level and know many things that are unspoken. Such is the … Continue reading

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