Always and Forever

CherieShanti - April 21st

thank you
for bringing me to the edge
then keeping me sane

revealing my self
then relieving my pain

guiding me where i’ve not been before
then opening my heart
never closing the door

honoring my freedom
to be as i may

believing i’ll choose
to persevere and stay

to know my Self
to find my way

to know your presence
as i kneel and pray


CherieShanti - April 21st

always & forever

. . .

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enchanting l’heure bleue

CherieShanti - enchanting l'heure bleue

that blue hour
at twilight and dawn

revealing the morning moon
so bewitching

and especially enchanting
as this easter morning blooms


all love & light


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State of Being

CherieShanti - State of Being

there are moments
when words do not suffice

when images fall short
& Truth simply “is”

this is what we live for
this is what we die for

each moment of the Now
holds the vastness of the All

& words just get in the way
in these moments
of the State of Being



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Sacred Space

CherieShanti - Sacred Space

Vernal Equinox
March 20, 2017
10:29 UTC

now is a perfect time to clear your space
remove stale energy
remove all energy that does not
serve your Higher purpose

light your smudge wand
& gather your healing crystals

i have prepared the items pictured above
to enhance my outer environment
for work in my inner Sacred Space:

Sage when used for smudging can cleanse and purify energy

is valued for many qualities including its scent,
relaxation and sleep benefits, healing and medicinal benefits,
alleviation of sorrow, & spiritual/physical protection

is one of the most ancient sacred smoke herbs,
among many benefits it can enhance relationships/love
and act as protection from many difficulties

Selenite is a very powerful crystal that can help to
enhance your consciousness and is very beneficial
at this most important time in human evolution

Amethyst can be calming and has many benefits for
enhancing one’s inner spiritual work

On this Vernal Equinox learn to appreciate
some of the herbs and crystals that Mother Earth
provides to sustain and care for your
material and spiritual well-being



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Transcend the Veil

CherieShanti - Transcend the Veil

harness your Light Energy &
transcend the veil of darkness


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Love is What You Really Want

CherieShanti - Love is What You Want

Take a moment
to contemplate how
love manifests
in your life

self …

expand your boundaries
Love is what we really want…


Neon art by Tracey Emin,
University of Michigan
Museum of Art



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Light the Way

CherieShanti - Light the Way

In the fog of delusion & chaos all around
only the true Light within
will dispel your illusion

and all is not what it seems
though everything is as it should be


Love & Light Energy


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