Mid-Summer Magic

Cherie Rose - Midsummer Magic

“Whatever is dreamed on this night,
will come to pass”
                                                                                    ~ William Shakespeare ~

this time of dreams and magic
is celebrated throughout the earth

mid-summer is a powerful time
to connect with your dreams
and manifest your will

feel the energy of celebration on Gaia
and enter the space of  promise
within your own sacred being


all Love and Light


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A Secret Place

Cherie Rose - A Secret Place

Sometimes you wonder should you share your secrets.
But the truth is, that once you share,
you make it more your own –
because what you give
you also receive in expanded awareness,
and this makes your secret a gift to others
and yet more potent in its return to you.

So this is my Secret for you…
You are wandering through a dense forest, –
just a late afternoon outing to clear your head f
rom the long busy day, –
when you come upon a clearing, an opening, small but spacious.
You pause, adjust your sight, and cautiously step forward
into the most beautiful space within this
expansive and dense, quiet forest.

As you step into the small clearing you cannot help but see
an absolutely beautiful bench, very low to the ground,
made of crystal having a tinge of yellow/gold color,
quietly shimmering in the light of a sun set low in the sky —
the low sun is visible to your gaze
slightly to your left in the distant landscape.

It is now that you really ‘see’ your bench.
i say ‘your’ bench because you feel it calling to you —
and you now notice that it is surrounded by very large crystals,
some as tall as four feet, some maybe only two feet high.
Each one has a gentle sparkle and you can feel their immense energy
creating a haven of beauty and ephemeral light now surrounding you.

After a pause to take in the beauty,
you carefully step up to the bench –
— as the bench is whispering to you,
calling you to feel its rejuvenating energy.

You pensively sit, quietly, and you wait,
because you now know this is your own story,
woven long ago of magic and Love.
You have entered a previously unknown to you,
part of your own life.

As you settle into your bench,
the surrounding crystals concentrate their beauty, glow, and energy
onto and into your entire being – as you now begin to relax
and learn to receive that which is yours.
”This has always been yours” the crystals reveal to you telepathically.

And as you sit here absorbing their energy
and watching the sun set in the distance,
the whole landscape is aglow
in muted shades of violet, orange, and yellow.

In this dreamy state you notice droplets of gentle rain
dancing in the sky from Above.
And as they reach the earth they form a small stream
that flows to and around your feet —
— just inching their way around you,
floating in their own essence.

And as this is occurring,
you begin to feel their tingling warmth
slowly being drawn up your body,
entering your mind,
becoming a part of you –
understanding that you now know yourself better than ever.
You see how it all comes together – everything – into the Now —
body, mind, spirit.
This is your own expansiveness
and  you know you can visit here as often as you like.

This is the gift you came for, but not knowing so,
because this is your secret.
Of course, you’ve always known, but not really —
because we just don’t always know the whole of it  —
that part of ourselves yet to be known.

But the time does come when all is ripe and ready
for secrets to be revealed
so you can then share
and enter the cycle of receiving and giving
some of the most precious gifts of all.


Love & Light








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Think About This

Think About This - Cherie Rose

Where will you be and what will you do when
the chaos of the world slips away

and the world you knew that once was so dense
fills with joy and is no longer grey

a rainbow appears in the atmosphere
silently bridging this world and that

benevolent beings from all the planets
join the great beings of Light
they are here to assist and to celebrate with you
in your new found freedom from plight

old paradigms dissolve
as power-within replaces
wanting power-over others

and economic systems that once ruled your life
give way to abundance for all

now replicators have become reality
and safe new energy sources are free

as this is New Earth
Mother Gaia rejoices

so just Think about This
and know what you will do
when the chaos of the world slips away

Cherie Rose - Dove



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Imagine This

CherieShanti - Imagine This

Take 3 deep cleansing breaths
and imagine this:

You are on top of a mountain
near a magnificent cliff
over-looking a vast panorama of
lower mountain peaks & deep valleys

you feel completely safe and cared for
by the invisible spirit of the mountain –
—this magic mountain

where dreams float in the air
and materialize in the surrounding landscape
as the environment changes into your every desire
— so dream only beauty and of those things
of the highest and purest value

the veil on your consciousness gently lifts
and you feel your entire being
floating in the essence of Divine Love

the cool misty twilight  slowly deepens
into the most profound ink-blue sky
surrounding you with softness

as countless candles of many sizes
individually appear —
manifesting one-by-one along the cliff
surrounding the edge in softly flickering flames

stars begin to appear
in the now deep blue sky
and a gentle breeze of lavender scent
fills your body with peace and deep comfort

— you feel light yet grounded,
giddy yet completely relaxed,
awake yet dreaming

this is your life —
where you have arrived on your journey

a place fruitful of your hopes & dreams
a reality of your co-creation
with  the Master Creator

plan to visit often
to set your intentions
and to enjoy your well-earned harvest

this is yours to embrace
to live
to realize

so relax & enjoy

This is the first in a series of visualizations and guided meditations – some will be written to be read, others will be audio for listening.  So drop your worries, sit back with your cup of tea, and let your inner-path come forth and guide you into the essence of what and who you really are.
Enjoy your journey!

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Always and Forever

CherieShanti - April 21st

thank you
for bringing me to the edge
then keeping me sane

revealing my self
then relieving my pain

guiding me where i’ve not been before
then opening my heart
never closing the door

honoring my freedom
to be as i may

believing i’ll choose
to persevere and stay

to know my Self
to find my way

to know your presence
as i kneel and pray


CherieShanti - April 21st

always & forever

. . .

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enchanting l’heure bleue

CherieShanti - enchanting l'heure bleue

that blue hour
at twilight and dawn

revealing the morning moon
so bewitching

and especially enchanting
as this easter morning blooms


all love & light


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State of Being

CherieShanti - State of Being

there are moments
when words do not suffice

when images fall short
& Truth simply “is”

this is what we live for
this is what we die for

each moment of the Now
holds the vastness of the All

& words just get in the way
in these moments
of the State of Being



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