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Use Your Discernment to See Behind the Reflection Beyond the Illusion because Nothing is as it Seems though Everything is As it Should Be .

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Journey Beyond the Ordinary

Relax with me for a moment. Lean back and relax your muscles, close your eyes to the outer and open your eye to the inner. Pause, breathe deeply, then let your breathing slowly drift into nothingness, —now listen to what … Continue reading

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Reflections of Light and Love

Love yourself first and like the candle reflected on the vase your love will become manifest and reflected as light for all of mankind … namaste .

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Re-Awakening the Goddess

As the struggle must bear fruit it is now time to receive the Sacred Divine Energy as it has been flooding this planet. It is time for the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, to be re-awakened and bring balance to planet … Continue reading

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Visiting Reality

This morning I found myself traveling to a place I know well, though it actually came to me rather than that I went to it. Well, — it really is always here with me, a place I’ve told you about … Continue reading

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A Secret Place

Sometimes you wonder should you share your secrets. But the truth is, that once you share, you make it more your own – because what you give you also receive in expanded awareness, and this makes your secret a gift … Continue reading

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Imagine This

Take 3 deep cleansing breaths and imagine this: You are on top of a mountain near a magnificent cliff over-looking a vast panorama of lower mountain peaks & deep valleys you feel completely safe and cared for by the invisible … Continue reading

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