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the New Dawn

Happy Spring Equinox & Ostara Blessings during this time of Re-Birth on Planet Earth Namaste, InnerPathWisdom.com images: artists not known, please inform

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Sprouting of the New Dawn

The Situation is in Place The Awakening is in process and the seeds of the New Dawn are sprouting… This is the time to now be patient, release the troubled heart/mind, to receive the fruits at hand. The New Dawn … Continue reading

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Manifestation of a Spider

A beautiful spider crossed my desk on New Year’s Eve. And while ‘beautiful’ is not the word typically used to describe a spider, this is the very quality that caught my attention and prompted me to examine further the essence … Continue reading

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Expect A Most Amazing 2019

This is the year – 2019 when illusion gives way to reality when celestial lights will manifest and you can live your ethereal dreams sat nam namaste just be aware, wake-up, trust and believe   artists not known, please inform … Continue reading

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Your Shadow Side

Light & Shadow, one cannot exist without the other contrast is that which makes visible this text you are reading know your shadow side and shine your light all Love Namaste Cherie Shanti Rose

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Divine Goddess Day – Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is a very powerful day of Divine Feminine Energy, and prior to patriarchal times it was recognized as a day for celebrating the goddess continue reading —> artist: susan seddon boulet

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Cliché of Truth

So, it’s not always about profound realizations though often these morning meditations are profound but sometimes the experience is light and profound though in a very subtle way Sometimes the inner experience of the world you envision is the most … Continue reading

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Lioness Visions

On this singular morning of this new year, the view behind the shades of outer worlds reveals formations of shadow and light creating an image of two pillars erected high against a night sky. And there in the foreground is … Continue reading

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Reflections of Light and Love

Love yourself first and like the candle reflected on the vase your love will become manifest and reflected as light for all of mankind … namaste .

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Unwrapping the Heart – Marie-Antoinette

Sometimes we think we know a person. We often believe what we hear. But if we look into our hearts we can connect with the universe on a deeper level and know many things that are unspoken. Such is the … Continue reading

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